When Jace, CEO of Legacy Farmer, first approached us he knew that he needed a team with expertise in Facebook™ ads to scale to the next level. He wanted clarity on exactly how much each booked call would cost him, how he could maximize conversions from his funnel, and he wanted to help save as many farms as possible through his coaching. Here's how we did it...

The Problem 

The ads Legacy Farmer had been running were reaching farmers and Jace was getting business from them, but because proper tracking wasn't in place, it was difficult to determine his cost per booked call and what he was really getting in terms of a return on his ad spend. He was spending too much of his time trying to keep up with the latest Facebook™ algorithm changes and features instead of focusing on delivering for his clients. He asked us to help him gain clarity on his metrics, optimize his ads for high quality leads at the lowest cost possible, and scale his ads while maintaining a profitable return on ad spend.

The Solution 

We first put tracking on absolutely everything so we could give him granular details on how much it would cost him to get a lead, to get a booked call, and ultimately to get a new member in his coaching program. 

Then after a full audit of his ad account, we methodically tested audiences, copy, creative, headlines, landing pages, and more to find the best combination for him to get quality leads at a low cost. Through our testing process, we were able to instantly reduce the cost of booked sales calls by simply establishing the benchmark and then beating it with the ad combinations we tested. 

Once cost per booked call was lowered, we were able to further fine tune lead quality by evaluating the applications we were receiving and leveraging the data to attract the highest quality leads, which meant that Jace and his team could spend less time talking to leads who weren't ready to take action and as a result the conversion rate on sales calls increased as well.
Three months into working with them, we drove $464,500 of revenue from only $47,763 of ad spend for a 10x return.

The Result

Cost per lead dropped by 39% and cost per booked call dropped by 42% while scaling revenues to a million for the year, spending about $17K/mth in ad spend.

He was also able to confidently increase his program price because he could focus on delivering incredible value, offering additional programs for different levels, and getting his members results. Because he can get high quality leads on demand and he's been able to add so much value to his program, his conversion rate didn't drop even with his price increases.

Services used to get these results:

  • Rapid Fire Testing to quickly identify the best combination of ads, audiences, messaging, and offers
  • Facebook™ ads strategy and execution to measure, optimize, and scale results
  • Analytics to help manage more predictable and sustainable growth with clarity for decision-making
We help Coaches and Online Course Creators to get more members into their programs by creating a consistent flow of high quality leads, booked calls, and webinar attendees - Get in touch today to find out if we can help your business to grow through Facebook™ ads, funnels, or messenger bots. 
Brand Central Marketing
We Help Coaches Generate Leads With Facebook™ Ads
You know Facebook™ ads is the key to automating and growing your business, but frankly - you have NO CLUE how to even go about selling your stuff.

If you've ever tried Facebook™ ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated they really are - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands. We let coaches focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands.  

We'll build your funnel, establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we've nailed the ads and funnel!  

The reason it works lies in the integrity and caliber of our team - we won't even offer to work with you if we're not confident we can get you the results you're after.

Brand Central is an agency that specializes in driving leads through Facebook™ Ads, funnels, and messenger bots. As a data-driven, results-focused team, we create lead generation systems and scale them with consistent and profitable outcomes. 

In addition Facebook™ ads, funnels, and bots, we excel at the strategy behind these components of lead generation, and have the ability to tie these methods of acquiring clients with automations that let you focus on what you do best while we scale your business. 

We've trained with some of the world's top digital marketers and our founder, Karen Sahetya, currently coaches on a team of experts to help other agency owners learn how to get results for clients and grow their agencies. 

How Do We Do It (Over And Over Again)...

We combine the right team, with the right strategy, and the right platforms

  • Facebook™ and Instagram ads to attract your ideal customers
  • Funnel builds and optimization to convert prospects to customers
  • ManyChat messenger bots for customer service and lead generation
  • ​SMS marketing automations to nurture leads
  • Email and systems automations to build relationships with your customers and drive efficiency in your business
Please note - if you do not have a sales funnel in place you will be quoted for the set up of this if we work together. You also need to be willing to invest in your own ad spend - no tire kickers please! We work with entrepreneurs who believe in their mission and are ready to take action.

The Process We Use To Get Client Results...

Get Your Funnel Traffic Ready

We'll get your funnel ready to convert traffic to leads and sales. If you don't have one, we'll build one for you so that you can maximize every dollar you put into ad spend.

Rapid Fire Test Your Offer

We'll use the Rapid Fire Testing method to quickly identify the perfect combination of audience, messaging, and creative so that your ad spend is focused where it counts.

Optimizing Your Quality & Cost

We consistently work to get you the best cost per lead while also maintaining high lead quality so that leads turn into purchases and purchases turn into impact.

Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer

We'll use custom audiences and leverage any data you have to pinpoint your ideal customer so that your pipeline isn't just full, but it's full of high quality leads.

Analyze Your Data

We track every step of the ads and funnel process and interpret the data to find any bottlenecks or pockets of opportunity to maximize.

Scale Your Business & Impact

We work with coaches and entrepreneurs driven for impact, so once you have an on demand pipeline of leads and purchases, we work with you to scale your business.
Who Can We Help?


If you have a proven method or program for coaching others, we can help you can connect with more of your ideal clients on booked calls or webinars.

Course Creators

Get more qualified members into your course or collection of courses and scale using Facebook™ ads, funnels, and messenger chatbots.


Sell your info product at scale with Facebook™ ads. If you have knowledge to get out to the world, we can help you grow your leads and sales.
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